Bio in English

Patty Miller Bio and Logical in English

Patty Miller has already discovered her voice when she was a child.  At the age of 12 she got her first guitar and soon she began to compose songs of her own.
In 1987 Patty Miller discovered jazz for herself and within shortest time she became one of the most popular Jazz Ladies in NRW/BRD. During her Concert tour in Austria she learned to know this wonderful country and people. Since then Patty lives in Vienna, studied Jazz-singing as well as piano and in 1995 she published her first CD named „Never-Ending Melodies“. The CD sold well even in the States and in GB and there for Patty Miller got internationally known. Her concerts are always a festival of voice. One could believe to hear Ella Fitzgerald and Tina Turner Live in one person on stage. Patty is one of the few Singer, who knows to fill her audience with enthusiasm.
In 2000 Patty founded a Duo and sang Gospel „In Memory Mahalia Jackson“ at wish of many of her fans.
In 2004 Patty Miller founded a new band called “POPADRENALIN”.
In this formation, she sings „The best of Tina Turner“ and own compositions.
Her voice is one of the most expressive and attractive, but also powerful.
This Lady Is a Champ and her voice has a scale of 4 octave!